CEO - Chief Executive Officer
I am an Internet web leader (strategy-design-market) and live in Madrid, Spain. I specialise in usability, social platform, web 2.0 and online marketing. I am the founder of some outstanding Start-ups about web 2.0 and my work has featured in CNN+ (TV), ElPaís (Spanish leading newspaper), ElMundo (Spanish web news based leader), Redes & Web 2.0 (book), The 21st century MBA (book), PcActual (Pcmagazine), ReadWriteWeb, and many others.

Jose A. Fernandez

Chief Architect
I´m creative in marketing, global advertising and specialized in internet and social networks. I am an expert in Social Media and building modern company structures and teams like adiemusVGF LTD or ElitAd.
I studied Economics at the University of Malaga and University of U.N.E.D in Madrid. I have also worked in public relations and communication techniques.
I have experience in political campaigns (strategies, coordination, press reports, conferences and meetings).