We improve the image, influence and resources of people, organizations and companies across Internet, Web 2.0 and Social Networks

Our services
  • Social Media technological platforms and applications.
  • Tuition on use of social media strategies.
  • Social media communication.

ElitAd is a technological company specialised in social media consultancy and communications. Our aim is to create channels of communication and to open dialogue with users, whilst expanding the existing target audience, maximizing the amount of users who access information about you and cementing communication by establishing relationships through open, sincere interactivity with audience. Elitad develops its own unique and innovative social media platforms and applications.

Many corporations are developing web 2.0 tools and are beginning to create interactive platforms communication in response to these new challenges. However, many are not implementing these in the most effective manner.

Why engage ElitAd ´s technological and tuition packages?
Through our work on these new communication methods and platforms we offer a greater return on investment than traditional marketing methods.

Elitad is at the very cutting edge of technology for developing social media applications. We are constantly improving new internal tools for researching reputation risk, feedback channel tools, e- commerce platforms in Facebook, mobile phone tools, as well as applications and tools in social media networks.

ElitAd develops its own unique technological social media platforms and applications unlike our competition, who mostly sub-contract this work to other interactive agencies.

We provide optimum diffusion of messages and complete integration with social networks.

ElitAd prides itself on being proactive rather than reactive.
Our team has a high technological profile. Our CEO, Alejandro del Castillo, our IT directors, our designers and developers are all highly skilled and have vast experience in the development of technological platforms with high volumes of traffic (Fresqui, Samsung, amongst others).


We are delighted to provide our services in Social Media to our Clients all of whom are very aware of the important role these new media are playing in today’s world. We name the following:

Koch Media España

A leading producer and distributor of videogames worldwide. We are developing marketing activities in Social Media Networks for products such as Final Fantasy, Kane & Lynch 2, Moto GP, Just Cause 2, Street Fighter, Kingdom Hearts, Dead Rising 2, Prison Break.. and many more. We have also created the videogames web portal kochmunity.com

Carlos Moreira

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Wisekey, an international internet security company whose clients are IKEA, Microsoft, Hublot and others. He is a distinguished member of the World Economic Forum and vice-president of the Malaga Valley project. We have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of his internet presence in Social Media networks. We are now currently developing a reputation risk study.

Voltz Energy Shot

We have created a web 2.0 which we are very proud of for this energetic drink brand. You can visit it on: Voltz Spain
We shall be arranging all the Social Media activities shortly.

Piel de Toro

Clothes Brand. We have designed and developed a web for them. It has received widespread support by users, which we are delighted with. We have designed profiles for them and configured their social networks. You can access these from their 2.0 community.